E-commerce stores needs complex discounts rules to reach multiple audiences. Advanced Discounts provides you with the solution of applying discounts based on products, categories, cart amount, local customers, date, customer groups etc. It will be the best discounts app in ecwid market.

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Install & Configure

Installation can be done from the app market. You will get a trial period of 7 days to play around with the app. We hope that you make a good increase in sales within the trial period and subscribe to the app to get it benefits for lifetime.

How it works

Create rules based on different combinations i.e allowed products in cart, categories, subtotal etc. Please visit the help page to know more about the discount rule creating process.


Does the discounts applied automatically in cart?

Yes it is based on the rules created.

Does any discounts created during app creation?

No, The discount rules has to be created manually. We don’t want to create demo rules which may not be applicable to all sites.

Is there any limit to number of rules?

Yes,  We have currently set to 20 for speed.


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Maximum file size: 33.55MB