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What add-ons do we provide for Ecwid


Twilio Sms Ecwid App

To setup this app, you need to create an account in twilio.com. The pricing for SMS is available at twilio.com. Why you need Twilio SMS app. 1) Customers doesn’t have to call you to know the status of the order or shipment. 2) Custom notifications can be sent to customers […]

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In-Store Pickup Ecwid App

In-Store Pickup provides a solution for your users to collect products from your store physically Helps you to meet your customers directly for better upsell Setup up a date for the buyer to pickup product Reduce the product return ratio Build better customer relationship

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Exit Offer Ecwid App

Make money off from every customer leaving the cart without completing and generate revenue. Display a popup with offer or coupon code when customer about to abandon their shopping carts! Increase revenue by converting customers leaving cart to potential buyers Ability to use coupon codes Statistics to track sales made […]

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Custom payment gateway integration for Ecwid

We help you integrate custom payment gateways like amazon payment or worldpay. Prices starts from $100, Please contact us for more info. [contact-form-7 id=”338″ title=”Ecwid Payment Gateway”]


make an offer

Add to Cart Offer for Ecwid

Online stores have a high probability of losing customers when users just add product to cart and leave the site without completing the sale. This app helps you to close the sale by giving users the option to make a price offer on products selected by the store owner.

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FreshBooks Integration for Ecwid

Save hours of paperwork on client invoicing. Use Freshbooks app with Ecwid to create beautiful invoices. Send invoices through email, once a order created. Applicable for paid or awaiting payment order. Choose the currency to be displayed in invoice. Sync order numbers with invoice numbers i.e. Invoice number will be […]

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Capsule CRM Integration for Ecwid

Push customers from ecwid orders to capsule CRM. Track every order made by customers. Get to know what your customer has bought including total purchase made from your site. Create reminders for orders to follow up for fullfillment or shipping. Categories customers from ecwid using tags.

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