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Nowadays filling up form to sign up in the website is quite old and also boring to the end users for filling up form again and again in several websites.  And also we have to validate the form like checking the mail id and phone number or any other details. With this plugin we can let users to sign up to your website with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. So users won’t have to filling up form to sign up your website (or) blog. This is hassle free way to add users for website admins and also for end users it is quick way to sign up for your website.


At first, you should have developer account and API keys to work with this plugin. How to create a developer account? We can tell you step by step to create a developer account and obtain API Keys. This plugin currently supports Facebook and Twitter for now. So we’ll see how to obtain API keys. You must have an account in both services to create a developer account.

First, We’ll see how to create a developer account and obtain keys in facebook.

Go to https://

Login with your facebook account and click apps and create a new app


Enter Details such as your desired name of the app and categories. After you entered details click create app

For instance we can create an app named wordpress

After created an app, you should be in app dashboard now. There you can obtain your API Key and API secret. For this plugin you only need your API ID


You will be asked to enter your facebook API key (API ID) in this plugin.

Now, we’ll see how to create a developer account and obtain keys in Twitter.

Go to and sign in with your account


After Sign in, click My application tab from dropdown box in upper right corner

Then you will be redirect to app dashboard. Click create new app


Enter your desired name, description and website of yours (if any) and click create your twitter application.

After created a new twitter application you should be here


Select API Keys to view your API key, API Secret.


You will be asked to Enter API key and API secret in this plugin.


Install Facebook and Twitter Login plugin directly from your wordpress installation. Go to plugins and select Add New

Search Facebook and Twitter Login and install the plugin

And activate the plugin.


Manually download Facebook and Twitter Login zip file from  wordpress plugin repository.

Extract the contents to (your_domain)/(wordpress_path)/wp-contents/plugins/

Go to your wordpress dashboard and select plugins and you should see Facebook and Twitter Login plugin.

Click activate to activate the plugin.


After installation you should see Facebook and Twitter Login below settings option in wordpress dashboard


Click Facebook and Twitter Login to get started.

This is the plugin index, this is where you configure your api keys and callback url


You have to enter your facebook API Key and twitter API Key, API Secret, OAuth callback and click set.

If you logout from your account. You should see signin with twitter and signin with facebook as shown in the picture below.


Note ) These and facebook signin options in wordpress login page will only visible after you set twitter and facebook API Details.

( Note ) You can update these API Details any time. And you can clear all details via Clear API details option

If a new user created based on his twitter account

-His screenname in twitter and _tw suffix will be added to refer he signin via twitter account

If a new user created based on his facebook account

-His profilename in facebook and _fb suffix will be added to refer he signin via facebook account


You can also place these login options anywhere you want using shortcode

If you to place twitter login or facebook login anywhere in your website we created shortcode for this functionality

For Facebook login


For Twitter login


With these shortcodes you can place twitter and facebook logins anywhere you want in your website (or) blog.


You can add facebook or twitter login option widgets in any page. We’ve created facebook and twitter login option widgets to give you that functionality.

Facebook widget

Facebook user login

Twitter widget

Twitter user login



Given callback not allowed in facebook

If this error comes when sign in with facebook, go to app settings in facebook and change callback url to your website

For Ex:

Change callback url to :


We are team of trained professionals with hands on experience in web development. We have been on this industry for about 6 yrs and satisfied many customers on their web requirements. Our goal is to provide high quality products on affordable cost on agreed time.

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