CWD 3D Image Gallery plugin from Coral Web Designs
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Displaying images in 3d view in our websites or blog is quite attractive. With that in mind we created 3d image gallery plugin for wordpress.

With this plugin you can customize your gallery any way you want.


You must be admin of the website or blog to create gallery  with this plugin.

  1. Install CWD 3D Image Gallery plugin directly from your wordpress installation. Go to plugins and select Add New
  2. Search CWD 3D Image Gallery and install the plugin
    And activate the plugin.


    Manually download CWD 3D Image Gallery zip file from wordpress plugin repository.

  3. Extract the contents to (your_domain)/(wordpress_path)/wp-contents/plugins/
  4. Go to your wordpress dashboard and select plugins and you should see CWD 3D Image Gallery plugin.
  5. Click activate to activate the plugin.

After installation you should see CWD 3D Image Gallery below settings


Click CWD 3D Image Gallery to get started.

This is the plugin index, this is where you can manage your image galleries.


You will be instructed in every perspective in this plugin

This is the settings menu of every gallery. You can customize settings for each gallery


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