Woocomerce OTP verification



Twilio is cloud communications platform for building SMS andVoice on an API built for global scale.Here we use the Authy Phone Verification API allows you to verify that the customer has the device in their possession. The Authy Phone Verification API lets you request a verification code sent to the customer through the SMS or CALL based on the settings and also verify that the code received by the customer is valid. The REST API is designed to use HTTP response codes to indicate status. The body of the response will also include more information.When you want to verify a customer phone you start by requesting a verification code for that customer phone number.The verification code is valid for 10 minutes. Subsequent calls to the API within the expiration time will send the same verification code.

Install & Configure

After activating the plugin then you see the following picture.

To click the "settings" button then you see the following settings and fill the form and save the settings.


How it works

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