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In-Store Pickup provides a solution for your users to collect products from your store physically

  • Helps you to meet your customers directly for better upsell
  • Setup up a date for the buyer to pickup product
  • Reduce the product return ratio
  • Build better customer relationship
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The In-Store Admin Page

  • Title: title to be displayed on the checkout page eg. Pickup Address
  • Address: Store multiple address by using the (+) sign and use (-) sign to remove address
  • Date Format: format of the date retrieved from datepicker
  • Shipping: Name of the Pickup Method used in shipping i.e Pickup
  • Day chooser: Choose the dates to be disabled in datepicker.
    • You can disable specific date using Choose Day option
    • Choose none if you want all dates to be selectable
  • Time:
    • You can disable specific time using start and end time.
    • Set interval for within each hour. i.e. 15 minutes or 30 minutes
  • Rename Shipping: All instances of shipping will be renamed to delivery.
  • Notes: to be displayed under the pickup address i.e. Please Bring your Goverment Id proof etc., (HTML formatting supported)

Shipping Settings

Navigate to shipping under settings


Click on the new Shipping Method and Add a new shipping called Pickup**. You can either charge the user for pickup or offer it as a free service. So the amount can be left blank if free.

**The name should match the shipping name entered in the Instore Admin Page under Shipping.

Email Templates

Order Confirmation

Navigate to email template and click on order confirmation

Open the template and Scroll to line no 65 and you can find the code

<#if order.isShippingRequired && order.shippingAddress?has_content>

Replace with

<#if order.isShippingRequired && order.shippingAddress?has_content && order.shippingMethod!='Pickup'>

End result will look like

**The shippingMethod should match the shipping name entered in the Instore Admin Page under Shipping.

New Order Placed

Go back to the email templates main page and navigate to New Order Placed under Admin Notifications.

Open the template and scroll to line 248

<#if order.shippingAddress?has_content ||>

Replace with

<#if order.shippingAddress?has_content || && order.shippingMethod!='Pickup'>

**The shippingMethod should match the shipping name entered in the Instore Admin Page under Shipping.

Save the data and access the store front.

Refresh the store and access the Shipping page

Checkout page

Paypal Standard

If you are using paypal standard as the payment gateway, please follow this steps

  1. Login into your paypal account.
  2. Visit My profile -> My selling tools -> Website preferences -> update
  3. Turn on the Auto Return
  4. Under Return URL: (replace xxxxxxx with your Store ID i.e 3453455 – you can find it footer of ecwid when you are logged in)
  5. Turn on Payment Data Transfer
  6. Ignore the rest of the settings and click save.

Order comments

Once order is created you can find the pickup address under the order comments.

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